Life Anatomy

Life Anatomy is a new way of understanding the complexities that makes up what and who you are. Anatomy is thought of as the functional parts of the physical body. In Life Anatomy, we examine the functional parts of not only the physical body but the energy systems, communication pathways, and communal connections that contribute to the overall living ecosystem of your existence. An ecosystem is a complex network or interconnected system, and in Life Anatomy, we explore all the potential connections to assist you in creating healthy body, mind, spirit, and ecosystem.

In nature, a healthy ecosystem has all of its parts, both living and non-living working together, interfacing and interacting to create a vibrant, flourishing and continually nourishing environment for all participants. When one element is destroyed or becomes weakened, the entire system can falter. Our bodies, health, individual lives, and communities work in the same way. The inter-relatedness of life is found on every level and in every corner.

Beyond the physical lies the streams of energy that nourish and move through your life. These might include nutrition, rest, and exercise. But they also might include nurturing relationships, meditation, or spiritual experiences and explorations.

Our beliefs and self-expression are also woven into what Life Anatomy encompasses. Our thoughts, desires, needs, and beliefs affect our actions and communal connections, which in turn determine how we can grow within the greater ecosystems of the world. The communities in which we live require us to be active contributors in more ways than we may be consciously aware. So, creating an understanding of these communal connections is a vastly important key to enriching your Life Anatomy.

In a healthy ecosystem in nature, all parts work together, without even the knowledge of the effort contributed by the other organisms, seemingly unaware of the edge of their own existence. With our conscious creation of healthy personal ecosystems, we understand immediately the inter-connectedness of our choices, our beliefs and behaviors as they relate to our health and to the health of our communities.

This will be the type of content you will find here. Interact, experiment with it, and allow it to challenge you to grow and to expand our understanding of the world in which you live.