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Men’s Natural Yoga and Fitness is a private network of men who enjoy and practice naturism, to release inhibitions and live a truthful and authentic life. Thus, unencumbered by the trappings of clothing and preconceived ideas on what masculinity means. Although this site encourages and supports the practices of naturism, we also understand that everyone has different comfort levels with nudity. Please participate at your level of comfort and please be kind and supportive of each other.

Here at Men’s Natural Yoga and Fitness you will find:

  • Live and pre-recorded Yoga and Fitness Classes
  • Nutritional Information
  • Mental and Spiritual Support
  • A Community of supportive men
  • A sex positive environment without being a sexual environment

The process of learning never ends. As men we need to learn to let go of old precepts of bigger, stronger, faster, harder. These are the trappings of Ego. Learning to care for ourselves in all aspects of wellness. We call this understanding Life Anatomy. This knowledge of how the eco-system of our life depends on every part being healthy and doing its part, body, mind (mental and emotional), spirit.

Peace, from your future guides

If you are an instructor in any of these health and wellness areas. You might be interested in joining our team of professionals. Helping men to become the best they can be please reach out to me. David at